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Why Selling Your Own Home Could Save You Thousands

Do you want to sell your house? Do not fall into the trap! Nowadays real estate agencies are trying to take out the unearned profit from lost customers by the ones that are still seeking their services. So it is better to try to sell your home on your own. It’s not at all hard, anyone can do it! You’ll just need some knowledge of marketing. If you want to sell your home on your own you might earn more money than you ever expected. First, your real estate agent would take from 6 to 10 percent of the value of your home. This can be avoided from the start. Let’s see what would be the most important steps that you have to go through so that you can save a considerable amount of money.

Selling Your Own Home Can Save You on Property Advertising

We start with the advertising campaign that you should do so that you can sell your home on your own in no time. Let us begin with the savings that you can make. In the last couple years it turned out that a large part of the fee that you pay an estate agency is allocated for advertising costs – to those expenses that bring you customers. How can you save? Its very simple. First build a placard named “For Sale” and put it in front of your house – through this you will make it known to all persons who pass by your house. Send this message to relatives, colleagues, post it on Facebook – or any social network that you use – post pictures of house for sale. All this actions are free. If you do not have any results go to the local newspaper where with less money you can make some announcements.

Also, if you want a bit more aggressive campaign you can appeal to a special designed website. Do not forget that it’s scientifically proven that most buyers avoid real estate companies and want to have direct contact with the buyer visit these sites. Prices for posting an announcement will vary between $ 50 and $ 300 depending on the traffic of the site and the validity of advertising announcement. All these actions added together – will cost far less than if we resort to a real estate agency.

Now keep in mind several information that has to be included in your ad First, keep in mind that the ad must be short and clear and it’s must contain a specific kind of information such as: you can include here any facilities of the area where the house is located and the endowment of the house. Also, if you add pictures of the house – pictures taken in a clear way and with a good light – outdoor and indoor for each room, you will definitely receive more hits and buyers will come.

Selling Your Own Home Can Save You on Agent Commissions

And now back to the main problem – the commission that is required to be paid when you call for a real estate agency. It can be a high rather considering that is a percentage applied to the house value. The commission can reach hundreds of dollars if you have a house that it’s worth a lot. The agent often does nothing more than establish meetings with potential buyers and to present your home. You can do this yourself. Just respect a few simple rules. For example, you should not force too much your luck at the first meeting with the client. Try to be as friendly as you can and use an open mind. Also, try to put in the best possible light you can for your house.

And do not forget to not let the buyers walk through your house unsupervised. Always put your valuables in a safe place. There may be less pleasant situations, for example the buyer can request a meeting time when you are at work. Do not panic. You can ask a relative or close friend to take your place. If you go through these stages safely the deal is just about to be closed. You will also need some consulting from a juridical specialist for the necessary documents… and everything is ready! Now, you are you ready to the sell your own house on your own.

Selling Your Own Home Can Save You Time with Lazy Agents

Often, when we call on the services of a real estate agency, we end up with an agent bored and uninterested in the job. For example, many choose this profession because they can make fabulous prizes. But you may find yourselves with a real estate agent who does not do his job properly and we wake up with a house which is not sold even when you used a specialized agency. Below I have shared some reasons why it’s better to not blindly trust a real estate agent:

First, the real estate agents are not appraisers – they are not ready to make an accurate assessment of your home. For this reason, these costs will be incurred in addition for this you will need to seek a professional certified appraiser. Do not forget that this is a very big deal – you can get out of the money if your house is not properly evaluated. Second, keep in mind that real estate agents are not lawyers. They will never be responsible for preparing the necessary transaction documents. Also, to make sure these documents are written in legal terms you need to call a lawyer admitted in his profession. By being an autonomous vendor you will have the opportunity to obtain this information by yourselves – all the actions that you supposed to do can save a series of payments.

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