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Best Cloud Hosting – Cloud hosting basics and web hosting providers

Cloud web hosting is the most sought after service in today’s technological market. For some of us, this might be an alien term, but it will not be long before cloud web hosting is offered by every other service provider around the globe. As the competition for it grows, this service will also be cheaper than it is today.

Cloud is the term used to describe a network of servers connected together. The cloud web hosting involves provision of resources over the internet. A site hosted on a cloud has access to huge virtual resources and since there are several servers available to service your needs, these become a more load balanced and secure hosting service.

Traditional Web Hosting Vs Cloud Web Hosting

You might be wondering how it is different from a traditional web hosting service. Consider a scenario where you have your site hosted in a server. In a traditional web hosting scenario, when the traffic to this site spikes, you have no means of redeeming the situation. You would be forced to go in for a dedicated web hosting service, which is both costly and a not so elegant solution considering the fact that the resources would go unused when the traffic is minimal. In the case of a cloud web hosting service, you can add or remove additional servers as and when needed and you would be paying only for what you are using. This scalability factor is one of the biggest advantages of cloud web hosting.

Scalability also means that you can do it as and when needed and immediately at that. None of us would want enough of our visitors would we? When there is a surge in the no of hits to our site, we would want to act immediately so as not to lose our customers. Cloud web hosting is the best solution in such situations. Not only can you add resources in need basis, you can also do it immediately.

Cost is one of the other factors that make cloud web hosting a more attractive option. It’s like paying for electricity or water supply. You pay for the computing power you have consumed. All these features and more make web hosting on a cloud a more viable option in the days to come. All you need to do is host your site on a cloud and be done with it.

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