Vital Info You Have To Know About Temporary Auto Insurance

So you just pulled out of the car lot in your sweet new ride. You put down the top of your convertible, turn the radio up, and take her out for a nice long ride. You do not really care about car insurance; you simply know that the wind in your hair really feels nice. Of course, your sales representative said you have coverage for your auto through the loan company until you get your own. Why spend time haggling with insurance agents?

What you may not get is that many of those loan companies will only have physiological damage protection on the automobile so they get paid if you wreck the car. It does not carry the required liability coverage that virtually every state needs on a registered automobile. It might not replace your automobile, it might not cover repairable damage, and it might not even cover repairs for no-fault loss like storm damage.



And what if you accidentally hit another vehicle? It’s far easier to get into an accident with an unfamiliar automobile because you don’t have the appreciation for the braking system and suspension system yet. Should that happen without correct liability coverage you will be paying broke for all medical costs, hospice and doctor bills, lost wages, agony and suffering court actions, and you will have to pay for your own legal counsel. In addition, you also will be accountable for all damage for the other person’s car.

As if that’s not sufficiently bad to, you will get fined or have your license suspended by the state for driving without responsibility protection. You don’t want to finish up without a license, without an auto, and your wages being docked for someone’s emergency room visit.

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