Trading strategy with the News in Forex

Moves the forex market based on many criteria, and perhaps the most important and most influential are the news and economic data which belong to countries with strong economies as an economy States Almahdh of America and Japan’s economy and the economy of the European Union countries and other economies, affecting either the currency or currency pairs in the trading markets in general.

Moving a lot of traders to choose a trading strategy through the news where one of the most trading strategies common and perhaps most of them see it as an opportunity to achieve gains, and regardless of the effectiveness of other strategies we can not deny the effectiveness of this strategy is private, but you may need a lot of lessons of how to use them accurately and with great caution during the follow-up of the market, moment by moment in the period allocated for trading.

There is a lot of news and data that are issued daily, which is for the economies of powerful states that we have mentioned previously, and we’re talking about important news that will move the market as a whole or a particular pair of currencies or a set of correlated currency pairs, there are important economic indicators as an indicator of consumer prices and interest rates and the resulting GDP and employment rate, unemployment and other economic indicators important addition to the central bank’s decisions and important meetings and conferences.

Perhaps rolling, which depends on its strategy on the news stays close to the market is watching his movements and studying news issued and the extent of its impact previously News projected volume ratio impact on the country’s currency and the currency to another related, and the trader must know what type of news, there is news weekly and there are monthly and there are annual averages and all her different effect.

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