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There are many fun games you can play online for real money. Some of these games are classic casino games and some are lighter by nature. Scratch cards are considered as a light game you can play for a small amount and cash out with quite a few pounds. It’s no wonder how popular this game is both offline and online. It’s the perfect game to pass some spare time with and make a small profit along the way.

5 years ago online scratch cards were considered a small games category without a lot of awareness and with low popularity. There weren’t a lot of sites offering it and competition between games providers was low. Today however, there are many sites offering this game and the demand for them is rapidly growing. People have become fond of this game and want to see more of it with different themes, different variations and more features.

Among the pioneers offering this game you can find. This brand has started out with its make offer being scratch cards, back in 2009. Of course it has grown a lot since then and is now offering games like slots, bingo, lottery and more. With this said, always remained true to its source and if you’ll try any of its games you’ll see that scratch cards are still in its core. The best way you can see this is in their hybrid games – many other games categories have been mixed together with scratch cards. For instance, alongside the classical slot games, you can find scratch-slots – which is a unique combination between these two fun games. There is also scratch-bingo and scratch-lotto. All are in the highest standards and with most innovative interface to make sure you get the best possible experience as a player.

It’s not only the game itself which is fun and exciting, but also other unique features of it which are only available in its online version. Things like great winning odds (1 out of 3), a free £5 bonus, another £200 welcome bonus and a chance to win up to £1,000,000. All that and much more! Most of these offerings can actually be found in many online scratch cards sites, but make sure you read the fine print before starting to play at any of them. Not all are certified and safe. You can usually see the sites’ certification details in the footer of the site and get some information regarding their accepted payment methods and terms and conditions. Give online scratch cards a try and let us know what you thought about it.

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