Saudi Arabia and Its First Robot Citizen

Sophia is the name of the female robot. Recently, it was introduced at a huge investment conference in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital. The robot was shown as an example of how robot-tech and AI would make robots in the future more human-like.

Sophia the Robot

The announcement was done as the robot was taking part in an assembly discussion in front of a gathering. Andrew Ross Sorkin, a journalist, was the leader of the assembly. Sorkin told Sophia of the decision of the Saudi Government.

Sorkin told Sophia about the government’s decision in giving her the 1st ever citizenship for a robot. Then, the robot replied “I [Sophia] want to thank a lot the Government of Saudi Arabia. I am very proud and much honored for this exceptional merit.  It is a history to be the 1st robot in the entire world to be identified with a citizenship.”

Human-Like Bots

Hanson Robotics, a company based in Hong Kong, was the one that developed the robot. According to David Hanson, the founder of the company, his objective is to develop robots that act and look very much like humans.

Sophia showed how she could alter facial expressions to display feelings that are human-like such as disappointment, sadness, or anger. Hanson states that the accurate design is planned to enable robots to create meaningful bonds with humans.

Creating a human-like feature would let humans care about the robots. And, as the company develops AI, the robots would care about humans. In addition, Hanson also added that machine and man together would develop a greater future for the world. Sophia said the same objective during her appearance in the conference.

According to Sophia, she wants to utilize her AI to help individuals live a better life, such as building better cities, designing smarter houses, and much more. She would do her best to achieve a better future. The government of Saudi Arabia verified the approval of the citizenship of Sophia in a statement. However, officials didn’t give particular details about the rights Sophia will have.

Several individuals criticized the move. Keep in mind that the women in Saudi Arabia must follow a lot of harsh rules. In addition to that, people questioned whether the hairless robot will be required to keep other woman-only laws or cover her head in public.

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