Reasons Online Education is Considered Inferior to Traditional Methods

We have seen a boom in educational institutions that are offering online tuition and qualifications. Whether you want to study English, or you want to get another degree, there are plenty of options for doing so. At the same time, there are those who believe that online education does not give the quality of education that is achieved when students actually attend an institution. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why online education can be considered inferior to that of more traditional methods.

  • Personal Communication

There is always an issue of communication if people are not in the same location. It does not matter how good video and other long distance communication methods improve, the understanding that comes from being close to someone is very different. Some may argue that a lecture, for example, can be watched on a video and the same knowledge can be learnt. On the other hand, it is the activity of being present in a lecture, and getting the emotion and knowledge from that lecturer who will help in learning.

  • Questions and Feedback.

While there are tools to share chat messaging among a group of people, this interaction cannot be compared with the same type of interaction in a classroom. An individual might have their own questions, but sometimes it can be the questions of another student that help in the first individual’s learning. The group nature of tradition studies, and the question and feedback sessions in that more traditional type of education method are often what makes the difference.

  • Testing

Even some of the best business courses that are offered online will have testing and other exams that must be attended in person. There are only a limited number of testing options for teachers and students when education is over the Internet. The university exam is the best example of this. You must enter a space where you are monitored for the period of the test. This cannot be done when students are online students. Testing is normally limited to papers and other written work that is to be submitted by a particular time.

  • Marking and Evaluation

One of the biggest problems of online education is the ability for the teachers or tutors to really understand the ability of the students. How can they be sure that it is actually the student who is handing in the work? If they have spent time with the student in the class, they will know the level and ability of each student. If someone was to prepare work for them, a good teacher would be suspicious of the material submitted. Evaluation is a skill of professional teachers and comes from many years of practice and training. They do not just evaluate a student based on what they submit.

  • Lack of Routine

Anyone who has studied a language, for example, will know the importance of routine. All good education takes time, and it is the routine inside that time period that helps students with their learning. Humans are creatures of habit, and they learn better when they have a routine and regularity in their learning. Cramming for 7 hours does not match the same amount of learning spread over an hour a day for a week. This is just the way it is.

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