If you own a share week and are interested in selling it, you can showcase it here where potential buyers are looking. Our timeshare resale specialists will assist you in placing an attractive ad on our web site, complete with all the property details you wish to include, along with a photo of your home resort and a link for buyers to use in contacting you directly by private e-mail. We’re also committed to protecting your privacy through our sophisticated e-mail results system. When a potential buyer wishes to contact you, they do so by clicking the private inquiry link. This sends an e-mail directly to you without divulging your actual e-mail address. In other words, the Timeshare Showcase sales engine puts you, the seller, in touch with our many prospective buyers while remaining anonymous during the initial phase of inquiry.

Users of this site are required to read the user agreement for information about our involvement. All transactions are solely between buyers and sellers. We do not guarantee any information provided about timeshare units for sale, nor are we real estate agents involved in the sale of any properties. Shares, is a unique online investment company now open for private investments. We are an investment program based on the trading of stocks in the international marketplace with the goal of providing you, our investors, and the highest possible returns on your investments. We use the profit sharing model to provide the highest turn around rate.

The founders of Shares have been investing both online and offline, and have become some of the most insightful investors in the world. With experience in the stock markets, all the way to real estate, you can be assured that the funds which are deposited into Shares will be properly diversified across all world markets in order to ensure not only the highest possible returns, but the highest level of stability and reliability possible. Our Profit Sharing concept will provide our investors with stable and constant earnings. We will share 80% of our daily profits with our members. 5% will be for referral fees and 5% for admin fees and the other 10% will be for reserve funds that we will use for our investing ventures to give members constant profits. With this unique model we will ensure members will benefit and gain the highest profits.

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