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Key Advantages Offered by Cloud Hosting

Here we present key advantages offered by cloud hosting.

Highly Scalable

In a recent Rackspace, a leading hosting provider, press release the company had stated that it had scaled the Apple web site to 4.3 million page views within a few hours and with zero downtime. This may be an extreme example but one that clearly shows the capability of cloud in handling sudden increase in traffic. This is in contrast to a dedicated hosting which would have crumbled during such huge spikes.

Zero Entry costs

The best thing about cloud is that any new start-up can make use of the same infrastructure facilities as enjoyed by Amazon. There may be differences in terms of size and volume of business but small companies can now leverage the same advantage that big companies enjoy just by sheer spending power. Now cloud has broken all that and any small book store online can get the same infrastructure that uses. Small companies need just to pay only for what they use and only at a later time period – just like gas and utility bills!

Lesser downtime

There will be a major reduction on the downtime when a cloud hosting is opted for. A classic example if the recent Amazon EC2 episode where the EC2 cloud was succumbed severe damage from mother nature’s wrath and a data center was burnt down in a fire bringing down the network for about 5 hours. From the initial days, cloud vendors have come a long way and have reached a matured level by offering a comprehensive SLA’s or Service Level Agreements with a demonstrated capability of 99.99% up-time.

Cost Advantages

Cloud being in its infant state and low adoption rates will seem like it is offering a low cost advantage. Going by mathematical theory, the economies of scale from cloud hosting will offer attractive cost benefits in the coming years.

Cloud Hosting Needs Lesser Technical Expertise

One does not have to worry about choosing between a dedicated plan and a shared hosting plan to run his online shop or how the traffic spikes can be handled by setting up a load balancing server etc.. All those will be taken care of the provider and the site owner can just focus on improving the quality of services and think new business strategies, which by the way is the core function of a business owner.

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