Insurance for Travelers

Insurance for Travelers with Pre Existing Conditions

Visitors traveling to the United States often consider Pre Existing Condition Travel Insurance through aggregator sites. When using these sites be aware that not all health plans are represented by these sites. Some plan administrators, such as India Network, may not be included in the aggregator sites. Fortunately, India Network provides Easy select to simplify the choices for visitors of all ages, with or without pre existing conditions. Importantly, the claims process for any accident or emergency is provided by United States based Chartis Claims independently of the AM Best A rated insurer US based underwriter, Chartis Insurance.

Comprehensive and Pre Existing Insurance for US Visitors

India Network Health Insurance is a premium provider of Visitor Medical Insurance for travelers that are seeking medical coverage for pre existing issues while visiting the United States. The high level of enrollment reflects the need in the marketplace for Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Pre Existing Condition Travel Insurance without the restrictive clauses required by other plans excluding coverage for emergencies related to current medications or medical conditions.

Comprehensive Insurance with Pre Existing Condition Coverage

India Network Health Insurance offers Visitor Medical Insurance for tourists visiting the US who prefer to limit their medical expenses. For travelers that are ages 69 and under, the Comprehensive Coverage offers $150,000 of medical expense coverage after the $250 deductible and the 20% co-insurance is paid for the first $5,000 of medical expenses.

The plan uses negotiated rates in the MultiPlan network and is underwritten by Chartis Insurance. Another benefit for India Networks Comprehensive Travel Insurance is that it offers Pre Existing Condition Travel Insurance of to $20,000 for ages 69 and under. Pre existing coverage covers in-patient reimbursements for emergencies related to pre existing conditions.

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