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Hosted Exchange Server

Enterprise-grade email and collaboration at your fingertips, without the additional infrastructure cost. With Hosted Exchange SaaS model, you can benefit from the enterprise email features, shared calendars, mobile connectivity with push technology and native integration with Microsoft Outlook with a minimal monthly fee and no up-front costs.

Outlook Web App

logo app exchange Microsoft Exchange is the choice of most enterprises due to the advanced collaboration and communication feature it provides. By signing up you will be able to benefit from all those features, skipping the cost of ownership of servers and licenses required for such an implementation on-premise.

By using Microsoft Exchange as a platform for your email and collaboration needs you can access your emails, contacts and calendars from your PC or laptop using Microsoft Outlook, from your mobile device and through a web-based client called Outlook Web App. The major advantage of Microsoft Exchange is that you will have a completely unified environment, regardless of the device or method you choose to access your account.



Some of the key features include:

  • Unified Environment: Access your account from a variety of devices and browsers, having the same look and feel and the same level of usability and features.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Schedule meetings, send meeting requests, all automatically updated in your calendar across all of your devices.
  • Server side Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus: Get rid of those annoying spam messages and harmful viruses before they even reach your mailbox.
  • Unlimited e-mail Aliases: Have as many e-mail addresses as you like within a single account, a single mailbox, at no additional cost.

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Outlook Web App: Giving an edge to work effectively and promote collaboration

OWA, short for Outlook Web App is a web-based e-mail client providing a similar desktop experience of Outlook 2010. The bare minimum requirement for running the app is an internet connection with unblocked default ssl port 443 of the web browser. It is extensively rich in terms of features. It is highly optimized and provides a lot more than the basic email jobs. The Outlook Web App is capable of running on a majority of browsers.



Feature Highlights

  • Access from Anywhere: Designed to work with most modern browsers without the need of any plug in installation.
  • Secure: Connection is encrypted with SSL ensuring that data transmitted between you and the web client is secure.
  • Online Administration: Manage your organization e-mails and settings directly from your browser.

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