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Feeling Blue? Five Ways to Make Your Home Mood Friendly

Sometimes you just want to spend all day in bed with a pillow over your head. Sometimes the light is just too bright or something has gone wrong with your personal or professional life and you just don’t feel like doing anything. But some days you do just have to get on with it. It’s easier said than done, but there are little things you can do to brighten up a bad day, and all of these can be done in the comfort of your own home. Don’t give in to the negativity – lift the mood of your home with these five tips.

Turn your bathroom into a day spa

There’s nothing like feeling good about yourself and the way you look to make yourself feel all better. The more time you can devote to this the better. Transform your bathroom from a plain bathroom to a haven where you can relax and unwind – put some tea lights everywhere, light some incense, and introduce some soothing colours into the room through your towels (maroon always works well). Invest in some bubble bath, scented oils, and bath salts, and you’ll find that your bathroom is better than the day spa – plus, it’s cheaper!

Make the Outdoors Awesome

Getting active releases endorphins that’ll have you feeling better in no time, and it’s actually proven that daily exercise can help prevent depression – plus the beautiful natural environment could quickly get you back to your chirpy self as you appreciate all the gorgeousness surrounding you. However, there’s no point spending time in your backyard if it looks like an overgrown bush land. Make the effort to include a few vases and pot plants in your yard, plant some flowers, and make it a great place to be – you’ll find the more hospitable your yard is, the more time you’ll want to spend outdoors…and that can only be a good thing.

Have space to groove in your Living Room

Some days, you just want to put on your dancing shoes, pump your favourite song and dance. You’ll play it as loud as possible and let all your frustrations out through movement. However, if you have a coffee table, a fancy lamp, and an Ottoman sitting in your living room, it can be an effort to find enough room to move your body. Always make sure you have ample room for movement in your living room. As a bonus, the extra space will ease some stress from your mind.

Make your Kitchen Super

They say “you are what you eat”, and this is definitely true. For an instant uplift, stock your kitchen full of healthy foods, and make sure you have super foods as well. Super foods improve your mood fast. They’re delicious and have a number of health benefits too. Mix some blueberries and yoghurt; peel an orange or a take a sip from a soothing cup of green tea. There are other great foods on the menu too, such as beans, broccoli, oats, pumpkin, salmon, soy, spinach, tomatoes, turkey and walnuts.

Have a space for some “Me Time”

Sometimes you have to let yourself feel upset, whether it’s because of work, relationships or just raging hormones. Make sure you have some space that is just yours – your bedroom, or the study, for example. Let yourself have a cry in front of a corny romantic comedy, or sneak away to this room to talk it out with your best mate over some red wine and a tub of ice cream. In today’s world, sometimes all you need to do is spend some time alone.

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