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Here you can find latest news from around the globe with large variant of trends like beauty, beauty pageants, fashion, dance, fitness, modeling, and many more useful topics. Prime City News is a web portal with good presence on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, LinkedIN and more. Prime city new bring to you the news which can change your life, life style and which can provide you useful information on important events and happenings.

You can totally rely on prime city news if you are a fashion lover. Prime city news can provide you valuable tips on beauty, fashion and latest trend. When it comes to online news portal, it should provide news on regular basis which can be helpful for society and which can keep every person up to date with local as well as national & international news.

The web portal of prime city news also covers activity of some NGOs which are contributing to the society. Helping the Humanity is one of those NGO which is working very well in India since the Covid-19 pandemic took place worldwide. They are helping all the needy and poor people from most of the cities of India.

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