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Cloud Hosting Services Offer Strong Benefits for Small Businesses

Has your company made the jump to cloud hosting services yet? A number of different players in the market have already embraced this platform, while others are taking a “wait and see” approach. The size of your company can dictate when you can make the move to cloud hosting services and whether or not you will see immediate benefits. For small companies, the outlook is strong and there are opportunities to migrate to the cloud slowly, without giving up too much control. If you are ready to test the waters, cloud hosting services offer a wide range of solutions.

Cloud Hosting Services – Better for the Small Business?

There is an ongoing debate within the cloud hosting services industry over whether or not cloud computing is designed for the enterprise. There are some who argue that cloud computing is really only beneficial for the small business, while others suggest that even the largest of enterprises can take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud hosting services. According to Michael Dean, the head of marketing for the National Computing Centre in the UK, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are more likely to see the advantages of moving their operations to cloud hosting services. Dean suggests that larger companies may need to wait before making the transition. If a larger company is operating by individual departments, however, embracing the opportunities inherent in cloud hosting services may not be far out of reach.

Cost-Savings Benefits Assured with Cloud Hosting Services

Promised cost savings are often the first benefit that grabs the attention of decision makers like you as cloud hosting services offer a strong value proposition over on-premise solutions. Of course, larger companies may have already invested significantly in their data centers and networks and scrapping the current infrastructure for cloud hosting services may not always make financial sense right away. In fact, research conducted by 2e2 revealed that 68 percent of participating organizations believe there are significant risks in migrating to cloud hosting services due to their complex in-house IT infrastructures. For this reason, smaller companies are better positioned to begin enjoying those benefits right away.

Fear of Loss of Control Keeps Some from Migrating to Cloud Hosting Services

No matter what the size of your business, you may be experiencing some very real fears over loss of or lack of control over your IT systems if you migrate to cloud hosting services. This fear has kept many a company watching from the sidelines. The 2e2 research determined that 56 percent of participating companies are not making the move to cloud hosting services for this reason. This concern is expressed primarily by larger companies, yet the current disconnect between the IT department and the rest of the organization may be contributing to this fear. A better understanding of cloud hosting services and how they work with any sized company can help decision makers feel more comfortable with this newer platform.

In all fairness, fear can exist with any technology change within the enterprise or within SMBs, and you have to weigh that fear against the promised benefits. Small businesses are truly better positioned to leverage the benefits of cloud hosting services right away, and larger companies have to do more broad assessments to make their own determinations.

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