Casino Slots Machine Strategies

Casino slots machine games rely heavily on luck, but that isn’t to say that you cannot come up with viable strategies to boost your odds. In truth, there are many different online slot machine strategies, but the best known (and probably the most trusted one) is the standard deviation strategy. It is quite beneficial when playing online slots, as gambling from the comfort of your home allows for many benefits – using a pen and paper included.

Make sure to be composed and patient, as statistics is nothing if not demanding. In order to calculate the standard deviation, you will need to play ca. 10 games until you reach a jackpot IN EACH.

The first step: choose an equal-ratio casino slots machine game. What is an equal-ratio game? The one that will provide you with a payoff ratio that equals your investment. E.g., if you invest 50 cents, you should get a 5 times higher payout than if you invest 10 cents. Make sure to apply the standard deviation strategy ONLY to equal-ratio slots games.

The second step: play approximately 10 casino slots machine games, using free bonuses and promotions (these are abundant, no need to worry). If you’ve already spent them, make sure to invest the minimum amount. Record the number of spins prior to hitting a jackpot. Repeat the process 10 times and afterwards calculate the average number of spins (“the standard deviation”). E.g., if the casino slots machine jackpot occurred between 12th and 15th spin, the standard deviation will be 13.

Now play another casino slots machine game. Again, use bonuses or invest the minimum amount up to the 14th spin. On the 15th, bet the maximum amount. This strategy, as you can see, requires only some patience and calculation. Keep in mind that bonuses get reloaded, so make a habit of collecting them on a regular basis. Plus, bonus slots offer additional bonuses. Just a thing to remember.

Of course, always play slots only at licensed and trusted sites. At Casino Slots Machine, you’ll find the finest selection of these. All of the sites we recommend offer generous bonuses and guarantee payouts in multiple currencies. Sign up today to get to perfect your strategy and win massively in a matter of minutes!

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