Why is Internet Marketing so Hot?

Today the one phrase that can describe the world best is ‘Global Village’. Yes the world is indeed getting smaller. Boundaries between nations are breaking down and staying confined to just your own nation is not a move that could take you far. It is absolutely essential that you gain access to a platform that […]


Payday Loans – Need a Quick Fix?

Payday loans or payday loan cash advances are short and unsecured consumer loans. They have the special feature that they need to be repaid within the next payday. They usually do not involve a large amount and are borrowed to take care of some small, unexpected emergency expenses. Typically, a short-term loan of up to […]


Saudi Arabia and Its First Robot Citizen

Sophia is the name of the female robot. Recently, it was introduced at a huge investment conference in Riyadh, Saudi’s capital. The robot was shown as an example of how robot-tech and AI would make robots in the future more human-like. Sophia the Robot The announcement was done as the robot was taking part in […]